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iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review

The big standout new feature of the iPhone 7 Plus is a dual camera set up with a mode that can supposedly recreate your DSLR…. but can it? Find out in our iPhone 7 Plus camera review.

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iPhone 7 Plus vs Canon EOS 5D Mark IV image quality test

We’re in the midst of testing the iPhone 7 Plus and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for separate purposes, and then we had an idea… I wonder how they compare on image quality? We took advantage of a sunny autumn day and dragged a willing friend outside for an impromptu portrait photography shoot with the iPhone 7 Plus and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and included links to the full-resolution versions of both in the gallery below. What do you think? Before looking at them at full-res can you tell which is which? Can you tell even at full...

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Olympus: 20 megapixels is the best compromise

There was a time when 20 megapixels seemed like a lot. But these days with the likes of Sony throwing around 42 megapixel image sensors (not literally), it can seem like rather a small number. However, when it comes to Olympus, at least, 20 is the number they want to stick with – for now anyway. Speaking at Photokina 2016, Toshi Terada from Olympus Worldwide said, “At this moment, we tried to find the best balance between high resolution and noise – more than 20 megapixels and you start to lose the image quality, 20 megapixels is the best...

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