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DokiCam launches 360° 4K camera

DokiCam has introduced a new 360° camera that can shoot 4K (4896×2448) stills, 3K (2880×1440) videos and is capable of livestreaming, with one-click sharing to social media networks.

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Keeping stock photography competitive with advanced technology

Tweet By Serban Enache, CEO and Co-Founder of Dreamstime Stock photography used to involve a laborious process to find adequate images and involved steps that seem foreign to a 2017 consumer. A buyer would go to a stock agency, ask for an image, and then have a waiting period as the agency’s staff would look through drawers of catalogued images. They would use a lightbox to view the image’s detail, and present some options to the client. When computers appeared, agencies would scan these images, and the use of search images meant attaching metadata to each image to enable...

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