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How much photo storage do you really need?

From the cloud to innovative new external hard drives, there are plenty of photo storage options for photographers to choose from. But how much space do you really need for your archive? We run the numbers and show you how to tell…

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Adobe stops selling Creative Suite

Up until the beginning of this year, customers could still purchase CS6 from Adobe’s website. However, as of 9 January this year Adobe has updated its CS6 landing page and no longer offers the standalone package.

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Apple Photos Review

Apple’s Photos for Mac promises to make light work of managing and editing images, but can it deliver for enthusiast photographers? Find out in our Apple Photos Review

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iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review Score 85%

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review

The big standout new feature of the iPhone 7 Plus is a dual camera set up with a mode that can supposedly recreate your DSLR…. but can it? Find out in our iPhone 7 Plus camera review.

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Is the consumer camera dead?

Is the consumer camera dead? Photographer Tony Northrup poses the question of whether smartphones have dealt a devastating blow and begins an interesting discussion about what the future holds for consumer cameras.

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What camera type should you buy?

There are lots of different types of digital camera available with models that are designed to suit beginners, intermediates and professionals. Our guide explains the key differences to help you decide which is the best camera type for you.

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