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Amy Davies
Amy Davies is a journalist and photographer who has been published in a wide variety of places including TechRadar, Wired, Amateur Photographer, Photography Blog, ePhotoZine, What Digital Camera and more. She lives in Cardiff and has a penchant for sausage shaped dogs.

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Top 10 action cameras

GoPro has led the action camera field for well over a decade, but with all of this year’s great releases is GoPro still the market leader? We take a look at the year in review and mark out the Action camera top 10 2016.

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Canon vs Nikon: how to choose the best DSLR for you

Of course, what matters most is not the camera but the creative eye behind it; that said, Canon and Nikon cameras each have some technological advantages they can offer photographers depending on what it is you like to shoot. Read on, as we attempt to answer the impossible question: Canon or Nikon?

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What camera type should you buy?

There are lots of different types of digital camera available with models that are designed to suit beginners, intermediates and professionals. Our guide explains the key differences to help you decide which is the best camera type for you.

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10 camera accessories every photographer needs

If you’ve upgraded to a mirrorless camera or DSLR and experience the freedom that having more creative control affords, it’s only natural that you’ll start thinking about adding more gear to your arsenal. Here are 10 essentials you should have on your list…

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