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Night Photography

Which ISO setting should you use at night?

Shooting at night presents all sorts of challenges, and unless you bring a tripod with you on every low-light shoot, photographers typically need to increase their camera’s ISO setting in order to get a shutter speed fast enough to shoot handheld. But which ISO setting should you use at night?

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How to shoot a supermoon

To help you capture stunning supermoon images you can be proud of, Sony photographer and astrophotography expert Andrew Whyte explains how he’s photographed a supermoon using Sony’s G Master lenses.

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5 quick fixes to improve long exposures

If you shoot a lot of night photography or low-light conditions, you’ve probably found that many times your long exposures just aren’t quite working out. This can be for a number of reasons, and in this guide we’ll explain a few simple ways to improve them.

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