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Action Camera Reviews

Action Cameras are small, light weight and enable you to shoot video anywhere. The compact design means that they can be attached to almost anything, and unlike conventional cameras they're designed to be attached rather than handheld, which is why they've become so popular with extreme sports enthusiasts.The small size, ease of use and often full integration with mobile apps has also made them a more general popular camera choice. Best of all they're called action for a reason, the design, build and functionality means that they can withstand the elements as well as a knock or two, so an ideal choice for all the family.As well as shooting video there's plenty of other features hidden inside these small devices, they shoot stills, time-lapse, some even feature motions and GPS sensors.In this section we'll cover the latest action camera reviews, as well as a few links to the latest news and tips.
Ali Jennings
Reviews editor - Action Cams, Drones and Accessories
Ali is our accessories, drones and action cam reviewer.
Being surrounded by cameras and kit from a young age, Ali’s interest in photography really took off when he was given a Canon AE-1 and super 8 camera. After a few small commercial photo jobs and involvement in short film projects he joined the publishing industry in the late 90’s. 

In 2003 Ali joined Digital Camera Magazine, and more recently worked as the Imaging Lab Manager, testing cameras and lenses for the photography portfolio. In the last couple of years he has specialised in the testing of the latest action cameras and drones and is presently training for his drone licence.

Action Camera Top 10

  1. GoPro Hero5 Black
  2. GoPro are the market leaders and their latest Hero5 Black camera features touch screen and voice activation. Check out their site at
  3. TomTom Bandit
  4. Packed with motion sensors the Bandit was the first camera to take full advantage of auto editing.
  5. Nikon KeyMission 360
  6. Garmin Virb Ultra 30
  7. Olfi one.five
  8. Olympus TG-Tracker
  9. Yi 4K
  10. GoPro Hero5 Session
  11. Wasp 4K
  12. Veho K2Pro4K

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