Fresh from its launch of the ultra-fast A9, Sony has announced a new stacked sensor, the IMX382, which can track objects at 1,000 frames per second.

Designed for industrial use, the new Sony sensor is just 1.27MP and will be used primarily to spot problems on assembly lines.

Sony says the new sensor features a stacked configuration with a back-illuminated pixel array and signal processing circuit layer.

“The circuit layer is equipped with image processing circuits and a programmable column-parallel processor, delivering high-speed target detection and tracking. This configuration enables high-sensitivity imaging thanks to the back-illuminated pixel array, with target detection and tracking at 1,000 frames per second.

“The new sensor uses information such as colour and brightness obtained from pixels to detect objects, then extracts the object’s centroid, moment and motion vector, and finally outputs the information from the vision sensor in each frame.”

While this new Sony sensor won’t be making its way into your digital cameras anytime soon, it’s possible that this new technology could help shape the development of future AF systems.

Testing the Sony A9’s eye tracking ability

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