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GoPro Hero

Different ways to attach your GoPro Hero

Tweet One of the major reasons that GoPro Hero and other action cameras have become so popular is that they are so easy to mount. Not only that, but their small size means that they can be mounted almost anywhere and there’s a huge variety of mounts out there for you to choose from. If however you actually find something that doesn’t have a bespoke mount, then it’s often easy enough to either make your own or manipulate an existing mount to bend to your will. Whatever mount you choose, and whatever you attach it to, the most important...

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The definitive starters guide to the GoPro Hero and action cameras

Tweet What can a GoPro Hero do that other cameras can’t? GoPro has taken the world by storm, a small unassuming camera that can be attached anywhere and enables you to capture video footage from a point of view (POV) that would otherwise have been impossible. These cameras have been made famous by extraordinary feats from the likes of Matthias Giraud who has managed to capture the action of his incredible base jumps. GoPro cameras have bought something new to the table, especially as compact cameras have been supersede by mobile phones and are quickly becoming the peoples choice for images capture. GoPro...

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