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Low Light Photography

Nikon D3400 low light potential demonstrated in new photo series

Tweet English National Ballet photographer, Laurent Liotardo (balletandphotos) uses his latest project to demonstrate the Nikon D3400 low light potential. As a staff photographer and ballet dancer himself he has a unique insight into the characteristics of ballet, and this insiders knowledge is demonstrated in his ability to capture dancers in a way that few others can. The Nikon D3400 DX-sensor and wide sensitivity range enable Laurent to capture these striking images of Melissa Chapski (ballerinachi). The images are even more impressive when you consider that the light available to capture these shots was being produced by Melissa’s own costume. This shows off the Nikon D3400...

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Best camera settings for photographing traffic trails

Tweet Traffic trails are a favourite subject of night photography enthusiasts the world over, but ask anyone who’s done it once and she’ll tell you it’s imperative you get your camera settings nailed down in advance of your shoot. Trying to change your camera settings in the dark is not only difficult, but distracts you from other important things like composition. In this quick guide we suggest what we’ve found are the best camera settings for photographing traffic trails and cityscapes at night. Of course, it’s important to remember that these are just a starting point. These camera settings...

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5 quick fixes to improve long exposures

If you shoot a lot of night photography or low-light conditions, you’ve probably found that many times your long exposures just aren’t quite working out. This can be for a number of reasons, and in this guide we’ll explain a few simple ways to improve them.

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