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Nature Photography

How to shoot autumn photography at home

Tweet In this quick autumn photography tutorial we’ll explain everything you need to know to capture brilliant autumnal images right on your doorstep. When you think of great autumn locations your mind probably conjures up images of amber forest canopies in New England or golden Swedish landscapes. But there are plenty of great autumnal scenes to be captured right here at home. Your garden or yard may not look like the ideal autumn location at first glance, but with the right techniques and a creative eye, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. Autum images: it’s all about...

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How to choose the best wildlife photography kit

Tweet I have guided many guests throughout Africa, from the Deserts in Namibia to the Serengeti, many that have come ill-prepared. One of the most asked questions throughout my time as a guide and even now during my talks on “Africa through my Eyes” is what is the best equipment to have when on safari? In my honest opinion that depends on you the photographer. I have seen some with the best equipment that money can buy that cannot take a photo if their life depended on it, then have seen some with the cheapest and take stunning images....

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