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Pictures of People

Family portrait ideas for people who don’t shoot portraits

If you’re the photographer in the family then your services are likely to be called upon to get a few shots of everyone over the festive period. But if you don’t normally shoot portraits you might find your self a bit stumped for ideas. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few that will help out. Family portrait ideas: 01 Go for a walk Rather than have to worry about low light levels or using flash because you’re shooting indoors, head outside and use natural light. The soft light of an overcast sky is perfect for portraits because there are no...

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How to sneak travel photography into your family holiday

As the photographer in your family, you’re probably quite used to your loved ones tutting behind you, hurrying you along while you explore every inch of a scene with your camera. And it’s even worse on holidays. We know. But we can also tell you that combining a family holiday with quality time with your camera doesn’t have to be a disaster! Will you come home with an award-winning portfolio of images? Probably not. But here are seven simple ways to incorporate some satisfying travel photography into your family holiday without upsetting your loved ones… Travel photography tips for...

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