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Veho Muvi K2Pro4K verdict

The Veho Muvi K2 Pro 4K follows in the tried and tested style and design of previous Muvi cameras. It’s solid, works exceptionally well and is easy to use.

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Veho Muvi K2Pro4K review in use

The Muvi K2 Pro 4K comes with the touch screen LCD which can be quickly attached and fixes in place securely. Although in most situations that screen is a huge benefit for navigating the settings, options and using for composition there are also times when you’ll want to remove it to save bulk and weight. The detachable nature of the screen is a nice touch and means that the camera can be used in one of two way, with or without the screen. Without the screen the camera is small and light weight and the app, available for iOS and...

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Hands-on Hasselblad X1D review

Hands-on Hasselblad X1D review Medium format camera’s take a leap forward with mirrorless technology, we take a good look for our hands-on Hasselblad X1D review 30 second Hasselblad X1D review… The Hasselblad X1D is the World’s first medium format mirrorless system camera. Inside it is a 43.8 × 32.9mm 50Mp sensor, but because it uses a mirrorless design, the X1D is a little smaller than most small format full-frame DSLRs and it fits comfortably in your hand. There’s an electronic viewfinder for composing images and a touch-sensitive screen on the back of the camera that can be used for making most settings adjustments. While the autofocus system is a little hesitant, it’s good for a medium format camera. So far we’ve only been able to use pre-production samples and while we aren’t allowed to publish the images we’ve taken, the initial signs are very good with high detail levels and dynamic range. Get the best deals on full-frame cameras at Amazon UK Get the best deals on full-frame cameras at Amazon US Get the best deals on full-frame cameras at eBay Key features Camera Name Hasselblad X1D Camera type CSC Date announced 22nd June 2016 Price at launch £5,990/$8,995 Sensor size 43.8 × 32.9mm Effective pixel count 50 million Processor Unnamed Lens/Mount X Viewfinder Electronic with 2.36 million dots Sensitivity range ISO 100-25,600 Reflex AF system n/a Live View...

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Nikon D5 review

The Nikon D5 replaces the D4S as Nikon’s top-flight DSLR and offers 12fps shooting along with a top sensitivity setting of ISO 3,280,000. You can find out how it performs in our review.

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