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How to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

Using a mixture of blend modes, the paint brush and masks, and combining a white or black paint brush with a layer that has a blend mode set to Overlay or Soft Light, photographer Jimmy McIntyre shows how to dodge and burn in Photoshop to achieve cleaner results.








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iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review Score 85%

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review

The big standout new feature of the iPhone 7 Plus is a dual camera set up with a mode that can supposedly recreate your DSLR…. but can it? Find out in our iPhone 7 Plus camera review.

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Nikon D3400 review Score 74%

Nikon D3400 review

Nikon’s latest entry-level camera is a great choice for anyone looking up move-up from a phone or basic compact camera to take photography more seriously, find out more in our Nikon D3400 review

Hands-on Sony RX100 V review

Sony has squeezed the Sony Alpha 99 II’s processing technology into the latest addition to its acclaimed RX100 line of compact cameras, and it really impresses. Take a look at our hands-on Sony RX100 V review to find out more and see sample images.

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