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WASP 4K Action Camera – in use

Tweet The Wasp 4K is one of those cameras that you instantly take a liking too, there’s something of the outsider about it with it’s bulky almost armoured design. This design was also something that I thought would divide opinion, as there is nothing streamline or delicate about it, and although it follows the usual GoPro style and shape it is very different and lacks the finesse of other cameras. However everyone who has seen and used the Wasp 4K has liked the aesthetics, citing that the robust design looks ready for business. It also seemed those into off...

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Veho Muvi K2Pro4K review in use

Tweet The Muvi K2 Pro 4K comes with the touch screen LCD which can be quickly attached and fixes in place securely. Although in most situations that screen is a huge benefit for navigating the settings, options and using for composition there are also times when you’ll want to remove it to save bulk and weight. The detachable nature of the screen is a nice touch and means that the camera can be used in one of two way, with or without the screen. Without the screen the camera is small and light weight and the app, available for iOS...

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